Republique - Hope's Prizrak Costume

A small contract I did for Camouflaj at the end of 2015. The request was for a variant of the Prizrak costume (worn by NPCs), customized for Hope.

They provided me with the original body and head, and I used that to create the new costume. Her original hands were also mostly hidden in her default costume, so I made new hands and textures. The large forms were sculpted in Zbrush, and the surface detail and final exporting was done in Substance Painter.

I had lots of fun working on this; the art style is neat and the character model Camouflaj provided was great. I originally threw money at the Kickstarter, and oddly it kind of came full circle.

Alex nguyen hope ingame

Promotional Shot by Camouflaj (not taken by me).

Alex nguyen hope prizrak render01

Final model in Marmoset. I only worked on the costume and hands.

Alex nguyen zbrush composite

Zbrush Render

Alex nguyen in game hope prizrak

Another in-game shot (not taken by me).